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Project Diegeon

is a single player roguelike dungeon crawler where you must face hordes of enemies, the deadliest traps, and puzzles created by the most devious of minds... other players.

How long can you survive?

Explore the Depths of the Dungeon

Choose from one of four classes, use their abilities and skill to combat the denizens of the dungeon and overcome the most perilous traps.

Project Diegeon is a collaboration game, where all the challenges that you face have been placed there by other players. The faster you complete a level the more experience you get. The slower you go, the more points the builder gets. Noone gets anything if you die.

Level up and unlock new abilities and skills that will help you in your adventure.

Luck of the Dice

Project Diegeon uses a dice system that allows you to add the values of dice to your three main stats. You have a limited amount of dice so study the room and use your dice wisely. A successful delver will have equal parts planning and luck.

As a player you will have three main stats, Strength, Armour, and Luck. Each start out at zero and can be increase with your dice. Strength increases the damage dealt to enemies.Armor decreases the damage that you take and increases the total amount of health you have and luck lets you see hidden traps and increases the chance of rare items dropping.

Create Your Own Puzzles.

Once you have finished exploring it's time to become a builder. Project Diegeon aims to create a collborative experience. To this effect we have included the build mode. In the build mode you take advantage of monsters and traps that you can utilize to slow down the player.

Test other players skills with hordes of enemies or test the wisdom with complex puzzles. Not interested in building? Never fear, expereince points are sepereate for explorers and builders.

Unlock Powerful Artifacts.

Everytime a player completes your room you gain expereince points. With these points you can upgrade your builder rank.

Every rank unlocks new and nefarious traps that allow you to make even more complicated rooms. Just remember if you kill them then you will receive no points.