Product Overview

The Plant Specimen Profile is a brand new online platform developed specifically for the Queensland Herbarium to assist in managing the thousands of plant specimen images currently stored on the premises.

The web application assists in quickly finding images with a range of search features to help navigate the large catalogue, and includes streamlined cart functionality to make downloading large numbers of images easy.

Staff are able to create an account on the system and keep track of their downloads, whilst Administrators can monitor extensive records and statistics produced by the system.

Motivation Behind The Product

The Queensland Herbarium provides Botanists, volunteers and members of the general public alike with a range of facilities and services geared at processing, documenting and researching plant specimens to aid future research and conservation. Currently, over 850,000 plant specimens collected over 150 years from across the state are stored and archived at the Queensland Herbarium, providing insight into Queensland’s rich history of species discovery and ecosystem research.

The Queensland Herbarium previously maintained a visual catalogue of these plant specimens using the commercial cataloguing software Microsoft Access for many years. Recently, design and development began on building the new online platform for the Plant Specimen Profile after the previous system became slow, outdated and difficult to access. The new overhaul ensures that the online platform can be seamlessly ingrained into the daily workings of the Herbarium, increasing productivity and maximising efficiency for the staff. With the image database no longer being restrictively accessible only from the premises, the valuable resource will become a useful asset for other Government branches in Queensland and also in other states.


Web Delivery
Using a web-based delivery allows for a major increase in the level of accessibility of the system, and extends the reachable audience immensely. By mitigating the restrictions inherent within the previous system involving access limited to the premises, this valuable resource of images and information will be accessible to government personnel throughout the state and country.

User Accounts/Management
Users who register for an account will be able to freely access the system after gaining administrator approval. This approval process allows the Queensland Herbarium to manage who can access the system, whilst also being able to remove any users who are deemed undesirable. Functionality has been included for users to manage their own accounts and reset their passwords, alleviating the responsibilities of the administrators in recovering accounts.
Cart Functionality
Structuring the image downloading like a shopping cart takes advantage of a general familiarity of online shopping systems, and makes life easier for those users who are looking to download a large number of images each session. Images can also be downloaded individually, removed from the cart, or the cart can be cleared entirely.
Download History/Site Statistics
Site Administrators can view a complete history of each user’s downloads whilst on the system, as well as the total downloads for all users. Administrators also have the ability to set a specific date, range of dates, or custom ranges (eg. past month, past 7 days) to filter the download histories.
Manage Accounts

Manage Accounts

Select Download Dates

Select Download Dates

View Statistics

View Statistics

Search Functionality
Allowing users to search for images contained within the database is the primary feature of the web application, which is why it has been designed to be straight-forward and efficient. Users can search for images by the Genus and Species of the plant, the author of the image, or the AQ number of the plant. As the user searches, the results presented to them are updated dynamically, and as such the user never has to refresh the page to see new results.
Copyright Management
The Plant Specimen Profile actively manages the copyright associated with images sourced from outside the Queensland Government. Copyright management plays an integral part in the PSP, as it mitigates the corporate risk associated with allowing access for users to download images.

Product Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions

"Is the Plant Specimen Profile Available for Public Use?"
"What Benefits Are There of Using the PSP?"
"How Do I Purchase the Plant Speciment Profile System?"
"Will I have to download an application to use the PSP?"

The Plant Specimen Profile is only available for use by Queensland Government agencies due to licensing and copyright restrcitions. Tailored solutions may be available for commerical use in the near future.
The Plant Specimen Profile provides a streamlined solution for users who are searching for specimen images which are from a credible source. All images contained in the PSP database have been sourced from professional photographers, or taken during field work conducted by the Queensland Government.
General and purchase enquires can be sent through the 'Purchase' link located in the navigation menu, or the enquiries form can be found at the bottom of this page.
Nope! The PSP is run completely online, you can use it wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet