Cell Forge

An Online Single Player Roguelike RPG

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Design the Perfect Monster

Create unique and powerful enemies and NPCs with the Monster and NPC customiser. The customiser allows you to change the looks and stats of your monsters you put in your dungeons, creating a completely unique experience.


Build Unique Levels

Using the Dungeon editor, you can create as many dungeons as you can imagine, place walls, enemies, traps, and more. The possibilities are endless, become the a master dungeon maker and forge the ultimate dungeon.


Endless Dungeon Crawling

With as many dungeons as you can handle, in Cell Forge you can play through an unlimited number of dungeons, all created by other players! Will you master them all and rise to the top?

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Team Development

  • Gameplay/UI Programmer

    Tom Muldon

  • Engine Programmer

    Michael Langton

  • Generalist programmer

    Earl Mark Folden

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