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Join the fight to eradicate cane toads in Australia.



IMB researchers are working with communities to tackle the devastating environmental and economic impact of cane toads across northern Australia, and we need your help.

Cane toads were introduced to Queensland in 1935 in a failed attempt to eradicate the cane beetle, and have had a devastating environmental impact across the country. In a world-first, Professor Rob Capon and his team have discovered a way to turn the cane toads’ own toxin against them, which has real potential to eradicate this pest. “Cane toad tadpoles from one hatching are attracted to and feed on unhatched eggs, and we can hijack this behavior to specifically target and capture cane toad tadpoles,” he said.

The researchers collected the toxin from adult cane toads, coated it onto airstones for controlled release, and placed these inside traps in monitored waterbodies. “During early stage field trials on the Adelaide River floodplain in 2012, our collaborators tested the bait concept in natural waterbodies and caught more than 42,000 cane toad tadpoles in 48 hours,” Professor Capon said. In the two weeks that followed, no juvenile toads emerged – the baits had worked, and the tadpole population had been eradicated!

Join the fight to eradicate these pests by downloading the Cane Toad Challenge mobile application today. The app lets you order baits, upload pictures of your catch and compete in challeneges against others.