2 User Roles: Business Owner and Crowdies

Business Owner

Business company that is looking for
more Twitter followers


Users helping the Businesses to grow

How it Works?

Just 3 simple steps

Step 1

Business Owner's account follows high-profilers with common interests
High-profilers are people who are famous and has many followers

Step 2

Crowdies work for your company by following suggested Twitter accounts
These suggested Twitter accounts are retrieved from high profilers' followers

Step 3

Chances of Twitter accounts to be followed back to the company is higher
Due to common interests from the high profilers and the company

Explore Amazing Features

    Business Owner

  • Link to Twitter account

  • Choose interest to match with related Twitter's high profilers & followers

  • View dashboard for Crowdie's performance


  • Choose interest to searh for suitable companies

  • Search for Business Owner account to apply for job

  • Follow/Skip suggested Twitter accounts

  • Earn Titles & Rewards to be converted to cash

Introduction Video

Business Owner UI Screenshots