What is WePark?

WePark is a mobile application and website dashboard based platform as a part of technological solution to solve Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) issues. This is pretty particular issues and problem that actually affected from small time company to bigger enterprise. Fringe Benefit is a non-cash asset that was given from the company to its employee in addition of the regular salary, which refer to Parking Spaces in this content. However, each company is obliged to paid tax to the government under if the condition met. WePark aiming to help employer and employee to manage, organised and calculate precise amount of tax invoice.

How it works


What To Expect



FBT Statistical Reports

Shows the FBT reports of your company. Whether it is displayed monthly or yearly, that's your choice!

FBT Calculation

The FBT calculation is guaranteed accurate, all based on the parking activity submitted to WePark.


Parking is made easier with the use of booking. You can park at your favorite spot, anytime anywhere!

Experience WePark on your fingertips.

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