Good News! Queensland Herbarium is planning to open its Specimens library to the public. We have provided an intuitive way and user-friendly of displaying the plant specimen information and images for the proposed solution. Besides, a total new functionality which is the cart system. The goal of this cart system is to allow user to select a collection of images and download them at once for research or other purposes.

Our MVP Video

Wondering what our application would look like and how to use it? This video provides a brief walkthrough on how to use our application. For the users, this application allows them to search and download different plant specimen images. The user is also able to flag the images for incorrect information to help improve the application. As for the administators, they are able to upload data to the database, manage user accounts, view the flagged images by the users, approve user image download request and view the users download history.

News & Events

Our user-centered web application will take you into the world of Herbarium

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25th September 2016

Beta 1 Release

  • User management function for admin
  • Error message centre
  • Download history
  • Data import
  • Image copyright requirement
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10th October 2016

Beta 2 Release

  • Achieve responsive
  • Interactive upload function
  • More interactiton
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24th October 2016

Product Release