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Person Focused Assessment

The Objective

The product is an online solution, that will greatly improve any current system of slides and assessment provided by Occupational Health and Safety departments around the world.

This product is suited for any organisation that requires additional workstation setup guidance for their staff.

The product will add value by providing a whole new design of the existing module done via a web application which will greatly improve interactivity with the users.

Product Overview

Based on the previous report provided and prototype and from the initial contact that was made with the client a series of requirements were elicited for further consideration.

The application makes use of data storage and cloud based technologies to deliver relevant workstation content to your users instantly.

Our Services

The web application needs to make use of single sign-on offered by an institution, for example the University of Queensland single sign-on.

This allows an easy relation between results and staff undertaking assessments and for key analytical data to be gathered about users.

  • Workstation Adjustment Checklist
  • Symptom Checker
  • Exercises and Stretches

We offer the simplest assessment guides for getting staff trained.

Symptoms at a glance for those experiences issues or pain related symptoms.

Let your staff find the right exercises in the quickest way possible.