SILO/weather is a web based application that allows
user to get weather predictions based on historical data from SILO using their Patched Point Dataset

Weather Query
The User enters two dates and a location and will recieve the predicted Rain Chance(%), Rain(mm), Humidity(%), Maximum Temperature(C), Minimum Temperature(C) for the given dates and location placed on a map.
API Implementation
The API utilises the existing SILO weather data to provide the application with data as well as allowing other developers an easy way to interact with the SILO data.
View Daily Forecasts
Allows the User to see the daily weather forecasts for the duration of their trip. This allows the User to fine tune their plans for each day, for example if one day is more likely to be raining than others they may choose to plan an indoor activity than go to the beach.
Reverse Weather Lookup
Allows the User to search by weather criteria (sunny, humidity range, etc.) and a particular time period to find Australian locations satisfying the criteria.
View Optimal Trip
Using the weather score feature, the user should be able to find the optimal week between two dates that they enter at a location.
View Tourism Information
Informing Users of any interesting events and any relevant tourism news occurring during their trip or current searched location.
Plan a Trip
Allows the User to select a location and the dates they plan on being at the location, after which the User is able to view the weather for their trips duration.
Save Search Data
A User can save their search by sending themselves a copy of the results via email.
View Weather Score
Allows Users to get a general overview of how ‘good’ the weather will be for their trip or current search.
View Recommended Trips
Using the Weather Score as a metric more suitable travelling periods are easily determined by comparing Weather Scores. This allows non-Australian tourists unfamiliar with typical Australian weather conditions to find a good time to visit. It will also aid Australian residents in planning a good trip.

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