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What is Manifest 64?

Manifest 64 allows users to easily access Queensland immigration records spanning from 1848 to 1912. Manifest 64 provides an efficient search functionality which allows users to quickly locate the information they seek, in an organized and detailed manner. In addition to the search functionality, Manifest 64 also boasts a unique ‘explore’ functionality which allows users to see visual representations of the existing data such as tables and maps.

Manifest 64 is built upon the existing digital immigration records located on the Queensland State Archives website, the original home of these records. Currently the QSA website does allow users to locate immigration records, however, this task has proven tedious and sometimes unfruitful as PDF files had to be rummaged through manually. As you can imagine, this task could take large amounts of precious time.

Keyword Search

Search through the archives by either person or ship name!


With Manifest 64, you can now visualise the data in cool and interesting ways!

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The website looks great on all devices, including Desktops, iPads and Phones!


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