Safe Data Storage

Through the use of a custom secure log-in we have streamlined the ability to access confidential information and securely store your experimental data.

Fast Data Viewing

Our interface will simplify the way you view and track your confidential experimental data. Through this interface it will also be possible to view data from all greenhouses aggregated anonymously for trend viewing.

Innovative Solution

Utilizing the power of our custom I2C solution we have implemented a sensor network unlike anything else available in this price range, currently on the market.

The Problem

There is currently no cost effective way of gathering weight data of pot plants and photosynthetically active radiation intensity within a Glasshouse installation. The Digital Plants system takes on this problem and expands on it by creating something more than just sensors in a box. We wanted to pursue an innovate solution, unlike anything currently available to potential clients. By bringing together robust technology ready for field deployment, a scalable data storage solution, and a modern web front end for viewing collected data; we have been able to craft a solution that will compliment your research for less than $7 per pot*.



The Hardware

We have created a custom network of accurate sensors that have the ability to connect to our central database. Through this, we are able to store large sets of data, allowing for numerous Glasshouses to be connected using our product.


Digital Plants utilizes low cost, reliable micro controllers at the heart of it’s hardware solution. An Atmel ATtiny85 captures direct weight measurements of a plant pot using force sensitive resistors. Our custom implementation of I2C allows for these individual weight capturing components to be hot plugged to a wireless microcontroller; a Photon IoT-ready board by Particle.


Intensity of Photosynthetically Active Radiation is also captured by the Digital Plants system. A photosensitive resistor specifically calibrated to detect these wavelength of light attaches directly a Photon board; one per Glasshouse.


The Software

Our software solution is a set-and-forget solution, just plug in and go. The Digital Plants system will take care of recording and aggregating the correct data from the correct sensors for you.

Data storage is implemented using MongoDB, a powerful and scalable database solution that is designed to handle large volumes of data. Your front end web page allows for easy viewing of collected data. Aggregated data can be viewed over time, and you can export data to use for scientific analysis. The webpage is secure, and allows individual users to view their own experiments. Other users get to view all of the data collected, aggregated anonymously.




Your Digital Plants installation will include the following components:

Weight sensor and plant stand bundle

Sensors will be built into the stands for the individual plants

Sensor node

Nodes will connect to the weight sensors via waterproof cabling and will send the weight sensors data to the database

Light sensor

Only one of these will be needed per Glasshouse and will connect to one of the nodes being used in the Glasshouse.