Project Pantoscope

An integration of Github, Jenkins and Slack

About Project Pantoscope

Project Pantoscope is a dashboard that provides an integration of GitHub, Jenkins and Slack. It is an all in one website that connects and provide information from GitHub, Jenkins and Slack. It is targeted for students and staffs in Universities that uses such applications for their modules. It is also for administrators to organize and track their student progress. Whereas students will be able to view their current progress and their group performance.


Github > Integrated to show the amount of commits and to resolve or create Github issues

Slack > Integrated to allow asynchronous communication

Jenkins > Integrated to show the status of builds


Video demonstration

A video of Project Pantoscope prototype shows the basic functionality and usabilities of the website. You will be guided through the register and login functions and as well as the Project Pantoscope features. *UPDATE: The UI for Project Pantoscope has been updated!