GRAPI, short for Gesture Recognition API, is a movement processing API made for use with a wearable watch using a Adafruit BNO055 Absolute Orientation Sensor. The raw input of the device is input through an ANN (Artificial Neural Network), and then determines what gesture is being made and sends the output to a developer's computer via UDP. The GRAPI allows for simple software calls that can be made from users source code to receive gesture information.

Please find below the Gesture Recognition API source files. The .zip file contains all files relative to the API for use with the Adafruit BNO055 Absolute Orientation Sensor. To install, simply extract the entire archive into your own preferenced area. For more information on the installation, setup and functionality of the GRAPI, please visit our documentation page. GRAPI is an open-source library, so expansion or change upon the source code to suit your project, even for commercial use, is more than welcome. Thank you for choosing and supporting GRAPI.

GRAPI is a new and innovative product, and in an effort to gauge customer interest and to aid in the expansion of the API to a wider audience, we would like to ask you to consider filling out a short survey. The survey should take no longer than five minutes, and your input would be greatly appreciated and will influence the branding of GRAPI moving forward. If you would be interested in completing the survey, please follow the link below. We here at the GRAPI project truly appreciate customer input, and take it into careful consideration as we continue to work on and improve GRAPI to the benefit of consumers.

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