MLG Band is an API.
Determine gestures easily, on the fly, with your own hardware.

Action: Shake

  "detected-gesture-confidence": {
    "shake": 93,
    "resting": 2,
    "screw-in": 2,
    "screw-out": 2,
    "custom-gesture": 1

Don't believe us?

See our demo video!

We do the hard work
so you don't have to

MLG Band software sits on your hardware, allowing developers to be aware of their user's actions in real time.


Fully trained neural networks and code ready to go on your hardware, it's like magic

Predict Performance

Need confidence levels? Want to see a verbose output? Just say the command.


Everything you need is in our code. Need an extra gesture? Add it in!

Open Source

Minds are like parachutes, they're better when they're open. Our code is no exception.

Start building.

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