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Jakku the Sand Planet is an interactive framework and tutorial system which uses a sandpit, a projector and a Microsoft Kinect device to create an innovative and fun experience for students to learn the Unity game engine and programming concepts.

Jakku is currently being developed by 'Team Monocle' as a project for 'DECO3801 - Design Computing Studio 3: Build' at the University of QLD. Jakku is being considered for use at Sheldon College as a learning tool.

We appreciate all forms of support and you can register your interest to keep updated on the project here.

Jakku comes with in-built tutorial systems and instructions for building and calibrating your own physical sandpit set up. The tutorials will step students through some basic programming concepts and teach them how to use both Unity and Jakku.

Tutorials will be engaging and interactive. Students will interact with the sandpit and see real time results that will help them comprehend Unity functions more clearly. One example shown on the right has students setting up the basic Unity environment to work with the sandpit and changing the colours projected on it.

There's a whole world of possibilities

What will you create?

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