An easy and interactive way to monitor data within glass houses!

Using IoT technology to monitor the University of Queensland’s Glasshouse, by using a Photon Particle to measure temperature and soil moisture.

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Our Objective  

Team Seven is working on the Glasshouse Monitoring System project, which is aimed to develop a prototype of a device that can collect relevant information from the environment in University of Queensland Glasshouses. The data collected through this device will be then pushed to a online website system, allowing staff to access this information remotely, analyse it and manage it freely.

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System Components  

Photon Particle

Collects temperature and humidity data from the enviroment and send to Particle Cloud.

Particle Cloud

Manages the devices to collect data, stores data and forward data to UQ server.

Web Server

Recieves data from Particle Could, stores data in MySQL database and displays data on website.


Displays temperature and soil misture data as graphs, manages user accounts and shows location of sensors.

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