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Ergo App

Introducing the ergoApp!


What is it?

ergoApp automates an is application developed by UQ students to emphasise the importance of workplace ergonomics.
ergoApp many features include:

  • Electronic Workstation Assessment Checklist that is easy and intuitive to use.
  • A Symptom Checker to help you manage and relieve any pain related to un-ergonomic workstations.
  • A list of Exercises that are can be performed within an office environment and help prevent any pain or injuries relating to your Workstation.

Workstation Assessment

ergoApp brings the UQ Workstation Assessment Checklist into the digital age with its electronic Workstation Assessment Checklist.
ergoApp's Workstation Assessment Checklist is more fun and intuitive to use compared to the older paper version.
Some of it's main features include:

  • Save the completed checklist as a pdf for future reference or send it onto your faculty safety officer for more assistance.
  • Pictures to guide the user through adjusting their workstation
  • Save your incomplete Workstation Assessment and complete it at a later date without losing your progress.

Symptom Checker

ergoApp's Symptom Checker makes it easy to find solutions to your workstation related pain.
ergoApp's Symptom Checker will provide you with relevant exercises and stretches as well as Workstation adjustments.
ergoApp aims to provide the best solutions for your pain, with stretches and exercises that have been specifically approved by the OHS department at UQ.


ergoApp also has a list of stretches and exercises that can be performed comfortably from you office chair.
These exercises can help relieve any pain you main feel after working at your workstation for an extended period of time.
It is also useful if you feel the need to stretch and move about. These exercises have been developed so that they can be useful for a variety of scenarios.