Paper Factory

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About PaperFactory

PaperFactory is a software package that helps you monitor your printers, monitor their media consumption, predict future media consumption, and create efficient refill routes to minimise time spent maintaining your printers. All you need is a web browser and your printers - the PaperFactory system does the rest!



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How it Works: Printer Monitoring & Prediction

The PaperFactory systems collects printer media (Paper/Toner/Ink) data gathered via SNMP and presents it in an easy to use user interface, allowing you to analyse usage patterns and identify printers needing refilling. From this historical data, the system provides predictions of future consumption of each of the different media types, which along with current media levels allows a projection of the stockout date of each media type. For each printer, the earliest media stockout date is identified, and those printers which most urgently need refilling to prevent a stockout are prioritised by the route planner.

Printer Monitoring Window

How it Works: Route Planning

The PaperFactory system identifies those printers that most urgently need refilling based on projected consumption versus current media levels. From these projections, a reward is calculated per printer which is proportional to potential unsatisfied future consumption if the printer is never refilled. Given a time limit, the route planner attempts to identify a restocking route fitting inside the time window which maximises total reward, thus minimising future unsatisfied printer media consumption (print jobs missed). At each next step in the route, the route planner initially uses a greedy method that selects the next best printer to visit which maximises reward per distance travelled; this route is then iteratively improved using a variant of MCTS/UCB to identify the route with the highest reward within the time window.

Route Planner Close Up